Sunday, June 24, 2012

The woman in the sun

Everyday I took the same road. Everyday i saw her. Her lustrous black hair, glittering in the golden sun. She would stand there under the old and ragged dead tree, waiting for someone, and staring into the hot blistering afternoon sun. Her pale dusky skin would shine like the king's royal guard. When I would return back, she would still be there, staring into the red sunset. I imagined what her face might have looked like. Serene, calm, Or old, ragged by standing in the trecherous heat for so long. Every night i think about her. Thinking where she is now. Wondering if she is still staring at the white prince of the night. It was one of these nights that i could not stop myself. I went again on that road. I could see the silhoutte of the old tree. And then I saw, illuminated like an angel in the white moonlight, staring into the abyssal pits of the starry night.I could not stop myself, I went ahead, and I saw her face.

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